• Entrepreneur. Musician. Watersport’s Fanatic. Adventure Seeker. Artist.

    Previously known as Jozeff or Jozeff Rogers.



    Octa Group


    Owner / Director (Current)

    Hayleighs Royston


    Owner / Director (Current)

    Zeff & Gray


    Owner / Director (Current)

    Jozeff Watersports

    In development

    Owner / Director (Current)


    Born in Harlow, Essex (UK) as Joe Paul Rogers, Jozeff changed his name by law to Jozeff Rogers. He grew up with a deep interest in music. At the young age of just 16, he started producing music of various genres. This grew into Jozeff being signed in the US and UK, particularly releasing House music. He also travelled the world to DJ at various clubs in London, Ibiza, Spain, Amsterdam and more.


    He worked various jobs throughout the years to find what he enjoyed. Jozeff worked at Vodafone for a couple of years. One day he left to 'go it alone', and hasn't looked back. He started and ran a graphics company for 3 years. Jozeff then went on to co-found Essex Roofing Limited, which he built up to a 500k a year turn over, then sold his shares to focus on a new project. Then born was Octa Group, one of Jozeff's business projects, along with many others to date. He also co-owns Hayleighs, a hair salon in Royston SG8.


    The Dream (Original Mix)

    Hidden Records UK

    The Question (Original Mix)

    Hidden Records UK

    Everyday (Original Mix)

    Random Records UK

    Astronaut (Original Mix)

    Random Records UK

    Check This Out (Original Mix)

    Loin Records (US)

    Rotations (Original Mix)

    Random Records UK

    What You Want (Original Mix)

    Plus Recordings

    Welcome To The Jungle (Jozeff Remix)

    Random Records UK

    Wolfpack (Original Mix)

    Random Records UK